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Ice Removal

Safe Melt®

Safe Melt® is an all natural, environmentally friendly deicing liquid made from the by-products of the forestry industry added to a base of calcium. It is non-toxic, water soluble, non-flammable, biodegradable, and less corrosive than pure water. Safe Melt® is also a rust inhibitor.

Anti-deicer before precipitation:

It can be applied hours before a storm to create a Teflon coating on the pavement to prevent the bonding of ice and snow on surfaces.

Deicer during precipitation:

It can be sprayed onto salt to create a coating that encapsulates the salt, reducing the corrosion and taking the melting power down to -20 degrees with no freeze.

Safe Melt can reduce your salt usage by 30%-50% when used as a coated product during salting operations.

Safe Melt liquid will save you time, money and protect your investments.


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